Reaching Your Financial Destination, Together

Partnering with you is our passion and also a privilege. We love to play the part of a guide and to see your story unfold the way you dreamt it.

Before you take that first step, we want to encourage you to take a look at the process we designed to help you, and us, determine whether or not this is going to be a worthwhile partnership for either side. If you like our style, fill out the form below.

Our Process

We have created this process to give our clients and our team the opportunity to make an educated and informed decision about a potential partnership. There is no cost or obligation until we both agree there is value in the relationship.

Pull up a chair.

First, we get together for a conversation. Preferably, we can do this face-to-face, but can always meet through an online meeting room or chat via phone. In this 30-minute meeting, we will talk about our process, pricing, values, expectations and commitments to you. If you like what you hear, we will sign some documents and start diving in.

Looking at the big picture.

Before committing your time and resources, a brief review of your financial situation will ensure your case matches our expertise.  By providing us with your tax return and financial snapshot, we can garner a 30,000 foot understanding of your financial situation, values, and goals.  

This is the fun part.

Congratulations, if you made it to this step, we think we are a good fit for each other and are excited about partnering with you for the future. Here we will use our proven approach and decades of experience to optimize your financial situation. We will carefully craft a custom, step-by-step plan for you that you can easily follow to achieve the value identified.

Presentation of findings.

Finally, we will sit down and carefully walk through our findings with you.  We will answer any questions you have and make any final changes that come up in conversation.  Finally, we will discuss implementation and ensure we are all on the same page. 



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