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Are you are starting a new business? Do you have an outdated technology platform? Do you have assurance needs?  With broad experience in the finance function, our team will work with you to develop solutions tailored specifically to you.  

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Accounting Services

In today’s digital age, data and information are the building blocks of any story.  To monitor your progress, anticipate/detect potential pitfalls, and make highly effective decisions you must know where you are and where you have been. Our team is here to remove the burden of maintaining your records. We assist you by ensuring your books and records are complete, accurate, and in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.   

Assurance ( Audits and Reviews)

We understand the importance of assurance services to businesses, shareholders/owners, lenders, investors, and other stakeholders.  We also see our assurance services as a trust-building stepping stone to a long-term relationship. We use the knowledge gained through our assurance services as a platform for providing ongoing valuable advice to our clients.

Benchmarking Analysis

With the use of external data, our MIDCOAST advisors can identify improvement opportunities and bring them to you promptly.

Post Analysis

By tracking operational activities, we can identify opportunities to improve the performance of your business.

Financial Planning And Analysis

Provide business insights, analysis, and data designed to provide timely information to decision-makers, helping to drive strategy and meet business objectives.