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Your Desired Destination

Your desired financial destination is the why beneath all the work and planning. This is the life you had in mind when work is over and your time can be devoted to the things that matter most to you. At MIDCOAST we take the time to listen to you, what you value, what you love, your vision for the future and then help you get there with our estate planning services.  

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Attorney Introductions (if needed)

If you aren’t working with someone already and are unsure who to trust, we can connect you with our network of attorneys who have worked with many of our clients in the past.  

Document Review

With our network of attorneys, we can get a full estate plan review done for you to ensure it is efficient, effective, and isn’t out of date. 

Estate Plan Follow-Through

Getting documents drafted is just one of the many steps in your estate plan.  In our experience, what happens next is so critical and often slips through the cracks. We’ll ensure your estate plan gets implemented the right way according to your attorney’s advice.

Beneficiary Reviews

Life is continually changing, and it’s important to keep up with your estate plan when life throws a curveball at you.  We continuously monitor beneficiary designations to ensure your wishes are being carried out. 

Tax Reduction Strategies

You’ve worked hard to build a nest egg for you to enjoy. However, plans don’t always go according to our wishes.  We’ll help you develop a long-term tax reduction strategy to help cut Uncle Sam out of your family portrait.  

Business Transition Planning

If you own a business, it is likely your biggest asset.  Understanding how to unwind from your company is a crucial component to anyone business planning.