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Risk Management Strategies & Solutions

Risk management touches every aspect of daily life and business. When we drive our cars, we accept the risk of damage to our automobile and potential injury to ourselves and others. When we operate our business, we encounter risks to our business property, reputation, and livelihood.  Our MIDCOAST team can help you identify and manage the risks you face within your household and your business, and build strategies to decrease the financial impact that these risks may have in your life when they occur.

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Loss Improvement

Our team can work with your business to improve your loss ratio, which will ultimately lower your insurance premiums. We can provide you with free risk management consulting at your place of business, online training programs, safety program templates, safety videos, driver safety programs, and more to help reduce your probability of loss and keep your premiums competitively priced.


Pre-work Screening Programs

Hiring a qualified employee is one of the most critical business decisions an employer can make, but it can be difficult to determine whether applicants can safely perform specific job tasks. Let our team help your organization set up a pre-work screening program to reduce the risk of injuries by hiring employees physically capable of doing their jobs.

Return to Work Program

When a worker becomes injured or ill, expenses can add up quickly due to lost time, medical costs and hiring replacement workers. Implementing an early return to work program can help your company control these costs. Plus, getting employees back to work can help improve your experience modification factor, which can save you money on workers’ compensation premiums.

Select Provider Program

Our team offers a select provider program to our insured’s to assist them in managing their workers’ compensation claims by providing them with the procedures and materials to quickly and accurately handle any work-related injury or illness. We work together with the policyholder to select the right physician/clinic to designate care for workplace injuries, thus supporting the ultimate goal of effective claims handling, prompt reporting, timely medical care, and excellent communication. Knowing what to do and where to go in the event of a workplace injury saves time, money and headaches.